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One Platform, One Experience

Connected Claim Platform

More powerful.
Faster performance.
More secure.

"True" Cloud
Claims Management Software.


Faster Performance achieved by tools you control.

At Healthvue, we provide the tools for you to partner with thousands of business-enhancing process operators.  Connecting with whom you want, when you want.  With the most complete set of input EDI and API data sets, the time to set up is a fraction of time compared to the status quo so many now see as normal.  But it doesn't have to be.


Changing the future of the customer experience and autonomous configuration.

Rather than build its own custom CRM software, Amazon Web Services (AWS) went with Salesforce from the start because "It's not just a CRM system.  It's a platform we can use to build all the functionality we need."

Ariel Kelman, Vice President for              Worldwide Marketing, AWS.

We looked at healthvue and sensed the future.


An executive from Beazley Insurance,    a U.S. division of Llyods of London.


"The Healthvue platform is ten times more advanced at a third of the cost.  There is nothing else like it in the market that competes with that."

Customer of Healthvue, President.  Recommendations upon request

Healthvue logo with black background

Leap Ahead
of the Competition

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